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Saturday 8 August 2015

More Pictures!

If anyone is still checking the blog, here's a bonus - lots and lots of pictures!

Thanks for reading! It was a blast sharing this adventure with all of you!

Thursday 11 June 2015


Throughout our trip, we’ve been trying to find new, local beers to try. Here are a few highlights:


In Wisconsin, we picked up some New Glarus Brewing Company Moon Man No Coast Pale Ale (and packed a six pack to bring home) and Lakefront Brewing Company IPA, both were very good.

In Montana, we tried Big Sky IPA from Missoula, MT and grabbed some New Belgium Slow Ride Session IPA from Colorado. I really enjoyed the Session IPA – very drinkable, which is the point of a session ale. The Big Sky was a bit underwhelming – I would have enjoyed it more if it was a bit more hoppy.

We also stumbled across a Sam Adams variety we had never seen – Rebel Rider Session IPA. It was so-so.

We had Snake River Brewing Company’s Pako’s IPA at the brewery in Jackson, WY and it was fantastic. New mission: try to get our local liquor store to acquire some Pako’s.

Also tried Crow Peak’s 11th Hour IPA from the Black Hills of South Dakota (Spearfish, SD). Loved it. Grand Teton Brewing Company Old Faithful Ale was a golden ale we found at Yellowstone and John was a big fan.

At the Twin’s game John tried Grain Belt lager and thought it tasted a lot like Yuengling (very wheat-y); We also had Summit Brewing Company’s Extra Pale Ale and Saga IPA and both were excellent.

Day 18: Chicago, IL --> Walpole, MA

We dropped off the RV first thing today and we were relieved when the only extra charges were for miles (expected) and filling the propane tank (also expected). We had read and heard about some horror stories of people getting nickled and dimed when they returned their RVs, but our drop-off was a breeze. Shout-out to the Franklin Park Cruise America office - they were great. We were expecting the ride home to be pretty boring, but here are a few things that made it anything but:

  • The Jeep's AC went out on the passenger side the week before our trip. The high temperature on our drive home was 94 degrees.
  • The lack of passenger side AC led to either one of us holding up a notebook or the road atlas to re-direct some of the driver's side cool air to the passenger's side.
  • Poor Roscoe was not enjoying the heat, so he ended up sitting at my feet for a lot of the trip on top of one of John's shirts we soaked in water. He was a trooper.
  • The check engine light that appeared on the drive to Chicago, was gone for the first 3 hours of our trip, then it came back on in Ohio (we will be Jeep shopping this weekend!).
  • The state of NY, on I-90, was easily one of the longest states we drove through - it seemed like it went on forever!
  • While today's drive was the longest of the trip, it was made to seem even longer because we were overly excited to get home and sleep in our own bed.

Stats from Day 18:

  • States traveled through: 6
  • Day 18 miles: 1009
  • Total trip miles: 6306

Day 17: Lake City, MN --> Chicago, IL

We awoke to the beautiful Mississippi River and headed to Chicago on our second to last day of vacation.

In one version of our itinerary, we had thought about hitting a White Sox game tonight. But frankly, all we wanted was a hot shower and to relax. So, we splurged on a suite at Loews O'Hare Hotel, got take-out from Capital Grille, and had a delicious bottle of pinot noir. The room had a beautiful view of Chicago and we could see the planes lined up in the sky six deep (maybe all the way east to Detroit?) waiting to land at O'Hare. A perfect last night of our honeymoon.

Stats from Day 17:

  • States traveled through: 3
  • Day 17 miles: 346
  • Total trip miles: 5643

Day 16: Kennebec, SD --> Minneapolis, MN --> Lake City, MN (6/8/15)

We made our way east on Monday and headed to Minneapolis for an evening Twins game. I-90 though South Dakota was some of the best highway we had; then we were pretty horrified by the condition of I-90 in Minnesota! Fortunately, the RV did not fall apart over all the bumps. We had a good tailwind and rolled into Minneapolis around 4:30pm. Next challenge: where to park an RV in downtown Minneapolis! We found a great surface lot with a hilarious lot attendant who told us we were "living the dream" seeing the country in an RV. We can’t argue with that. Target Field was great and we watched a close game between the top two teams in the AL Central – Twins and Kansas City. KC squeaked out the win. Fun fact, the Twins were originally the Washington (DC) Senators and moved to MN in 1961. Thus beginning the dearth of our nation’s pastime in our nation's capital, until a new franchise, the Nationals, began a new era in 2005. We were also very impressed by the awesome beer selection; and continue to be so impressed by how friendly the people of the Midwest are. And John bought a Twins hat to wear for the game and promptly had buyer’s remorse after he saw a throwback white and navy blue one at the next kiosk.

We drove about 90 minutes south towards Chicago after the game and camped in Lake City, MN on the Mississippi River. We called ahead since we knew we’d arrive late and the nice woman at the campground told us to make ourselves at home when we arrived and to see her in the morning. We really love the Midwest.

Stats from Day 16:

  • States traveled through: 2
  • Day 16 miles: 507
  • Total trip miles: 5297

Tuesday 9 June 2015

Day 15: Devil’s Tower, WY --> Kennebec, SD (6/7/15)

Off to the Back Hills! We headed into South Dakota to find dog food(!), then drove through Deadwood, SD. A very cool “old west” town, it’s pretty touristy, although we noticed all these runners walking around with medals, so we had to stop and ask them what race they just ran. The Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon and Half Marathon was just finishing as we drove through. Some quick googling revealed the race is mostly downhill. We might have to come back for this one!


Next stop, Crazy Horse. The history of Crazy Horse is, well, crazy. Back in the 1940s, a group of Native Americans commissioned a sculptor to create a 500 foot monument to the Lakota chief Crazy Horse. So far only the face is complete and the sculptor died years ago. There is now a non-profit trying to raise enough money to finish the statue, and work continues, but it seems as though it’s an impossible task. Even just the completed face is pretty impressive to see, and the monument was especially crowded this Sunday as each year, the first weekend of June, they allow people to do the 1 ½ hour hike to the face of the statue. We opted to just view it from afar.


After Crazy Horse, we drove further into the beautiful Black Hills to Mount Rushmore. I had modest expectations of the memorial and was pleasantly surprised! The viewing terrace, amphitheater and hall of state flags are all very well done and the memorial itself is very cool to behold. I attempted (badly) a selfie of us with the presidents:

On the way to the Badlands, we drove by the famous Wall Drug. Wall Drug is basically a tourist trap – Wall is a tiny town at one end of the scenic loop through the Badlands – and Wall Drug is famous for all the humorous billboards along I-90 encouraging people to stop. We didn’t have time to go in, but glad we got to see it from outside.

Our final National Park of the trip did not disappoint. Badlands National Park is famous for its colorful canyons and hills, and for the plethora of fossils uncovered there. We were there in the early evening and the light couldn’t have been more perfect. A few of our favorite shots:

And we finally saw a bighorn sheep!

As we were leaving Badlands, we noticed a few thunderstorms to our north and to our south east. A quick look at the radar showed us that we were seeing ALL of the thunderstorms in South Dakota that afternoon –about a hundred miles away or more! To say there is a lot of sky out here is an understatement. We caught this picture of the sunset through the rain through the back of the RV:

We picked a random campground about 2 hours east of Badlands to camp to shorten our drive to Minneapolis the next day. The camp was fine, although it had a sewer treatment plant adjacent to it. Seriously.

Stats from day 15:

  • States traveled through: 2
  • Day 15 miles: 373
  • Total trip miles: 4790

Monday 8 June 2015

Day 14: Devil’s Tower All Day! (6/6/15)

After an eventful arrival, we opted to spend two nights at peaceful Devil’s Tower (our first KOA campground of the trip; very serene and very few bugs!). After a supply run to nearby Hulett, we headed to the monument for an afternoon hike. And we weren’t disappointed. The monument is just a mind-boggling work of nature, 6, 7 and 8-side columns of rock comprise the monolith and columns that have fallen over the years litter the landscape below.

The tower has been a sacred place for Native Americans for years (and each year they ask climbers to voluntary not climb in June as it's the holiest month at the Tower; sadly, there were a few climbers disrespecting the request on the day we visited). Through our binoculars, we saw remnants of the wooden stake ladder ranchers used to ascend the tower in the late 1800s, and could really appreciate the details of the columnar structures of the monument.
We were completely entertained by a prarie dog colony on the way out of the park:

We were back at camp in late afternoon and grilled some beef spiedies for dinner. One of the attractions of the campground we picked was that they play “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” every night (the Tower plays an important role in the film and several scenes were filmed at the campground), but sadly the projector was broken! Next time….

Stats from day 14:

  • States traveled through: 1
  • Day 14 miles: 37
  • Total trip miles: 4417

Day 13: Jackson, WY – Devil’s Tower, WY (6/5/15)

Eastward! Today marks the beginning of our trek back east. On our way out of Jackson, we visited the Teton Village/Jackson Hole Ski Area. It was fun to see a ski resort in spring when lots of improvements are being made and everything seems to be under construction. John’s long-held desire to ski Jackson Hole has only intensified – we’ll definitely be back.


The drive to Devil's Tower in northeast Wyoming was supposed to take about 7 hours. It took 10. Now, some of that is because we can’t go quite as fast as the speed limit out here (80 mph!) in the RV. But, on this day, weather was not helping us out. Outside of Dubois, WY, the skies started to get pretty threatening. The winds were picking up and since the RV is 12 feet tall, you feel every breeze. We decided it was best to pull off at the next rest area in Waltman, WY. John was savvy enough to predict there was probably an emergency alert on the radio, which he quickly found, and it basically said seek shelter if you’re near the Waltman rest stop. After waiting for the radar to load on John’s phone (have we mentioned how intermittent cell service is out here?), we opted to stay in the RV but had a plan for a quick exit (John grabs Roscoe, I grab our phones and IDs). The storm passed to our north and east, and while another one popped up to our west, we opted to get back on the road and try to out-run them. The good news is, we didn’t end up hitting any storms the rest of that day’s drive. The not so good news is that we experienced flash flooding for the first time! A few miles down the road from the rest stop we came across the first flood. There was a sheriff’s deputy there and he said it was safe to cross, as long as we stayed to the left. Which was easy to do, since no one was coming west on the road. Amazingly, the vehicle in front of us was a motorcycle, and that dude just powered through the water like it was his job.


The flash flood created a whirlpool!

The first “puddle” was pretty dramatic (video here), and the second was similar. The last one was probably the most nerve-wracking since it was just popping up and getting deeper as we crossed. At that point, we were thinking we’d just pull over and wait for the flooding to subside if we hit another one. Lucky for us, that was the last one. When we got to the next interchange, the sheriffs had closed the road west, and a quick check of the radio confirmed they had closed the highway eastbound as well. We were one of the last vehicles to make it out! The rest of the drive to Devil’s Tower was pretty uneventful, comparatively, although one of the other reasons it was a 10 hour drive was because we took a more indirect route to avoid more storms – call us the “anti-storm chasers.” We drove through the self-proclaimed “energy capital of nation” in Gillette, WY. A decidedly industrial town, oil drilling, coal mining, and fracking are the mainstays of the economy in northeast WY. We rolled into the campground around 9:30pm…

Stats from Day 13:

  • States traveled through: 1
  • Day 13 miles: 521
  • Total trip miles: 4380

Saturday 6 June 2015

Day 12: Yellowstone National Park --> Jackson, WY (6/4/15)

We awoke to a peaceful morning in the park and headed to a few more geysers and to Yellowstone Lake were we made breakfast overlooking the lake and mountains:

This picture of the mud volcano doesn't do it justice - it gurgled and bubbled like an empty stomach:
On the way out of the park, we saw a black bear and two cubs - I promise if you squint you can see them in the distance in this photo (take my word for it):
IMAG1690.jpg Next, on to Grand Teton National Park. A beautiful drive down John Rockefeller Memorial Highway (I had no idea he purchased 35,000 acres and then donated them to the government to increase the size of Grand Teton!). The Tetons are just breathtaking. We saw majestic mountains, glaciers, expansive meadows, and tranquil lakes.

We also treated ourselves to an actual bed and shower and stayed at an inn right downtown in Jackson.
We had a beer at the Snake River Brewery (highly recommend Pako's IPA) and then a delicious dinner at Sweetwater Restaurant. We absolutely loved Jackson (and learned that Jackson Hole references the Snake River Basin, and Jackson is the name of a wonderful town in Wyoming, and Snow King is a ski resort right in town) and we can't wait to visit again).

Stats from Day 12:

  • States traveled through: 1
  • Day 12 miles: 116
  • Total trip miles: 3859

Day 11: Island Park, ID --> Yellowstone National Park (6/3/15)

We left camp in Idaho (a bonus, unplanned state, and a beautiful RV park by Henry's Lake in ID) and headed back into the park. Today we visited Old Faithful and the Old Faithful Inn and walked along too many hot springs and geysers to name! Here are some highlights:
Old Faithful Geyser!
Gibbons Falls:
Fox in the road! She also had two pups with her:
John spotted this hot spring from the road and it wasn't on any map - so we named it the Sirganemond Spring:

We spent the night in the park at the Fishing Bridge RV Park - which would have been cool had it not been for the vicious mosquitoes!

Stats from Day 11:

  • States traveled through: 2
  • Day 11 miles: 67
  • Total trip miles: 3743

Day 10: Gardiner, MT (North Entrance of Yellowstone) --> Island Park, ID (outside of West Entrance of Yellowstone) (6/2/15)

We made it to Yellowstone! First, a shout out to Uncle David and Auntie Chris for their awesome gift - an annual national parks pass! We've been breezing into the parks like regulars with the pass - thank you! We went in the historic (and original) entrance to Yellowstone through Gardiner, MT and headed right to Mammoth Hot Springs.
IMAG1431.jpgA wonderful collection of hot springs and terraced limestone and travertine, mammoth hot springs was also where we saw our first unusual wildlife - lots of elk! They were walking through the parking lot and along the road seemingly not caring about any of us humans or our cars.

While still considered "early season," Yellowstone was pretty packed. Unlike Glacier, which was decidedly serene comparatively, Yellowstone was teeming with people. We next ventured to Tower Falls Area, but seeing as it was still early season, the trail wasn't yet opened. No matter, we enjoyed some chili from the general store and sampled some buffalo jerky - yummy.

Then, off to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. We hiked down into the canyon for a better view of lower falls and we weren't disappointed!

We saw so much wildlife in Yellowstone on our first day. Here's a black bear in a tree:
And bison and a bison calf! IMAG1544.jpg


On the way to camp, we went through a fun hail storm - here's the hail on the side of the road:

Stats from Day 10:

  • States traveled through: 3
  • Day 10 miles: 157
  • Total trip miles: 3676

Friday 5 June 2015

Day 9: Glacier National Park --> Yellowstone National Park (6/1/15)

With some sadness to leave the absolute beauty of Glacier, we headed south to Yellowstone National Park today. One of our hosts at the RV park reminded us that Glacier is for the scenery and Yellowstone is for the wildlife, so we had something to look forward to next. The drive south was gorgeous – we opted to drive the west side of Flathead Lake and we can’t wait to come back to this area for some lakeside fun.
IMAG1407.jpg Just as we were approaching Gardiner, MT, right outside the North Entrance to Yellowstone, a thunder storm rolled in and we were treated to some brilliant lightening.
IMAG1422.jpg We also saw herds of mule deer along the Yellowstone River and hope that that’s just the beginning of the wildlife viewing! Tomorrow, off to explore Yellowstone!

Stats from Day 9:

  • States traveled through: 1
  • Day 9 miles: 467
  • Total trip miles: 3519

Day 8: Essex, MT --> Many Glacier, MT (5/31/15)

Today we went to the west side of Glacier National Park. The famous Going-to-the-Sun Road is still closed from the west side (snow still needs to be plowed from the high passes, and they are doing road repairs), so we headed to the Many Glacier region. The Many Glacier region offers the easiest view of an actual glacier. The park used to be home to about 150 glaciers and now there are a couple dozen, most of which you need to go for a good hike to see, and some predictions have all of the glaciers disappearing by about 2030. We saw Salamander Glacier (if you squint, it sorta looks like a salamander), and went for a short hike to Flatcap Lake. Then we wandered around Many Glacier Hotel (not yet open for the season, but will be celebrating its centennial this year) and headed back to our RV park for the weekend, the beautiful Glacier Meadow RV Park (we highly recommend it!).
Many Glacier hotel and the Salamander Glacier:

Spiedies on the grill for dinner!


Stats from Day 8:

  • States traveled through: 1
  • Day 8 miles: 160
  • Total trip miles: 3052

Day 7: Essex, MT --> West Glacier, MT (5/30/15)

Every cliché is true – there aren’t enough words to describe it; it’s breath-taking; it’s majestic. Glacier National Park is simply awe-inspiring. We woke up to pouring rain, so we didn’t head to the park until after lunch. For our first foray into the park, we opted for the West Glacier entrance. We headed up the east side of Lake McDonald on Going-to-the-Sun Road and we weren’t disappointed. We saw our first Mule Deer and took too many pictures to post (we’ll upload them all to an online album once we have better internet signal). The water was crystal clear – the rivers a greenish-blue color that’s hard to describe – and the snow-capped peaks loom over you in a way that is both intimidating and welcoming, if that’s possible. I had a huge smile on my face the entire time, as did John.


And to end the day perfectly, John set up his telescope and we were able to see a gorgeous waxing gibbous moon; Jupiter and four of its moons; a gibbous Venus approaching “half-Venus;” and the rings of Saturn! Such a treat.


To sum up – we love Montana!

Stats from Day 7:

  • States traveled through: 1
  • Day 7 miles: 115
  • Total trip miles: 2892

Tuesday 2 June 2015

Day 6: Glendive, MT --> Glacier National Park (Essex, MT) (5/29/15)

Montana is also a very big state! Unlike North Dakota, which was a lot of the same, Montana’s interior offered a lot of variety. Prairies, to rolling hills, to mountains. And so much sky. The eastern Montana prairie is so vast that it is a bit intimidating and it's hard not to think about the pioneers (like Lewis and Clark - we traveled along their trail for a lot of our trip) who came out here and what they must have thought about when the prairie would end and what would they see. It took us a third of the state of Montana until we got into Fergus County to actually see the Rocky Mountains. And then, as we turned northwest, we were back into the prairie until we made it to Cut Bank and the Blackfeet Indian Reservation when the mountains re-appeared.

The most notable thing about our drive today was seeing a new animal. We both spotted what looked like a deer, and we both immediately realized it wasn’t a deer. It was a lighter brown color and moved with more agility than a deer. So, what was it? A gazelle came to mind, but seeing as we were in Montana and not the Serengeti, we we’re pretty sure it wasn’t a gazelle. Then we remembered the song Home on the Range “where the deer and the antelope play!” and we got excited as we saw several more throughout the drive. When we got to our next camp, a little googling revealed that what we actually saw were pronghorns! Commonly called (erroneously) antelope and often assumed to be relatives of gazelles and antelopes, a pronghorn's closest relative is actually the giraffe! Regardless, they are beautiful to watch on the plains (and too fast to photograph!). We arrived at our camp and had a delicious steak on the grill (see John’s content face below):

Stats from Day 6:

  • States traveled through: 1
  • Day 6 miles: 526 (none of which were on an interstate!)
  • Total trip miles: 2777

Day 5: Menomonie, WI --> Glendive, MT (5/28/15)

Let’s start with the obvious – Wisconsin to Montana is FAR. We got on the road pretty early because Montana was three states away. Now, being from New England, that didn’t seem so bad in my head. But wow. The mid-west is BIG. We drove straight across Minnesota on I-94 through St. Paul and Minneapolis, then into dairy country (there are a lot of cows in the mid-west). Then into North Dakota, where we saw more cows, and a lot of fracking/oil drilling. In the western part of North Dakota we were pleasantly surprised to pass through the beautiful Little Missouri National Grasslands near Theodore Roosevelt National Park.


I understand why this is a little known attraction in these parts, as the other national monuments and parks make this one look tiny, but after 10+ hours in the car, it was so wonderful to see a change in scenery – canyons, badlands, painted rocks, winding roads. It was a much needed change from the endless prairie! Day 5 also marked the first time I drove the RV! The pictures below are the before (about 5 minutes into driving) and the after (about an hour into driving). I’m much more comfortable behind the wheel now, so refrain from the jokes Al and Justin (my irreplaceable brothers).


It was a joy to reach Montana after a very long day on the road. We camped at serene Makoshika State Park in Glendive, MT.


We took a quick walk in the morning then on the road again – destination Glacier National Park!

Stats from Day 5:

  • States traveled through: 4
  • Day 5 miles: 690
  • Total trip miles: 2251

Saturday 30 May 2015

Day 4: Two Rivers, WI --> Milwaukee, WI --> Menomonie, WI (5/27/15)

After a leisurely morning in Two Rivers, we headed to Milwaukee. On the way south on I-43, we were able to snap a picture of this ginormous flag:

The picture doesn't do it justice, but the company outside of which it flies talks about it on its website.

Next, baseball! Today was our first baseball park of the trip - we went to an afternoon Milwaukee Brewers game at beautiful Miller Park. Sadly, the Brewers lost to the Giants, but we still had a great time.

Roscoe tailgating after the game:

Our original plan was to then run down to Chicago for an evening Cubs games... but, after researching how to park an RV in Wrigleyville, we decided to head west instead to shave some time off of the next day's drive to eastern Montana (one of the longest planned for the trip).

We randomly picked a campground in Menomonie, WI, and didn't know until we got there that it was ranked as the 15th best small town in America by Smithsonian Magazine! Didn't see too much of the town, but did hit the 24-hour Walmart for some camping supplies.

Stats from Day 4:

  • States traveled through: 1
  • Day 4 miles: 357
  • Total trip miles: 1561

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Day 3: Chicago --> Green B... er, Maybe Not (5/26/15)

Day 3 was RV pick up day! We spent the morning being lazy and doing a few errands (someone forget to pack a belt; yep, that was me) and headed over to Cruise America for our RV. Pick up process was pretty uneventful, except for the woman dropping hers off that threw a fit because they charged her a $40 cleaning fee since she didn't clean!

Here's our home for the next two weeks - doesn't John look like a natural?


Not yet unpacked:


Our original plan was to head to Green Bay, drive around, then find an RV park.

But, it took a while to get the RV packed and on the road, and the RV is a bit squirrelly and doesn't like going much over 65 miles an hour, so we decided to pick a place on Lake Michigan a bit closer to Milwaukee and we ended up in Two Rivers, WI.
A beautiful spot right on the lake... took the dog for a walk and enjoyed some local art along the way:


image_2.jpg We had a lovely dinner and listened to baseball on the radio.... a great first day in the RV! Tomorrow to Milwaukee for a Brewers game!

Stats from Day 3:

  • States traveled through: 2
  • Day 3 miles: 166
  • Total trip miles: 1204

Tuesday 26 May 2015

Day 2: Binghamton, NY --> Chicago, IL (5/25/15)

Let's start with the obvious - it's a long way to Chicago! We left Binghamton around 10am after a nice breakfast with Joyce, and headed west. Everything was going according to plan until the check engine light came on in western Ohio! So, we pulled over right before a toll booth, and John checked the oil. Even though we got an oil change just 7 days ago, the oil was bit low, so we added half a quart. But, alas, the light stayed on. The owner's manual says that sometimes it comes on if the gas cap wasn't put back on correctly; and of course I was the last one to pump gas. In my defense, the light did stay on after the next fill up.

Some quick background on the Jeep. We drive a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee that John bought with about 74,000 miles on it. It now has over 197,000 miles. We've been saying that when it hits 200,000 we're getting a (new to us) one. Just before our trip, we found out the AC was on the fritz and would cost a fortune to fix, so we were planning to get a new car as soon as we go back. What makes the whole engine light thing the most hilarious, is that we're wondering if we should just buy a new one here when we're done with the RV, and tow the old one home with us!

Back to Day 2, we kept going and the Jeep drove great and we made it to Chicago around 9pm (CT). Had a beautiful sunset as we arrived (forget to snap a picture, will remember next time, I promise), and settled into our hotel for the evening. The first real meal of our honeymoon was room service and we dimmed the lights to make the room feel romantic. And then we promptly passed out.

Stats from Day 2:

  • States travelled through: 5
  • Day 2 miles: 732
  • Total trip miles: 1038
  • New animals seen: horses, goats, sheep and TONS of red-winged blackbirds.

Day 1: Walpole, MA --> Binghamton, NY (5/24)

We started our honeymoon a day early to help break up the drive to Chicago. John's mom, Joyce, was nice enough to let us crash with her in Binghamton! The drive was pretty uneventful, but here are some highlights:
IMAG1036.jpg John's cheeseburger came with two top buns!

The number of bugs squished on the front of the car and windshield was nothing short of epic.

Stats from Day 1:

  • 306 miles driven today
  • 306 miles total for trip
  • Lots of deer and cows (Belted Galloways!)
  • Very fragrant Black Locust Trees in bloom outside of Albany

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