Let's start with the obvious - it's a long way to Chicago! We left Binghamton around 10am after a nice breakfast with Joyce, and headed west. Everything was going according to plan until the check engine light came on in western Ohio! So, we pulled over right before a toll booth, and John checked the oil. Even though we got an oil change just 7 days ago, the oil was bit low, so we added half a quart. But, alas, the light stayed on. The owner's manual says that sometimes it comes on if the gas cap wasn't put back on correctly; and of course I was the last one to pump gas. In my defense, the light did stay on after the next fill up.

Some quick background on the Jeep. We drive a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee that John bought with about 74,000 miles on it. It now has over 197,000 miles. We've been saying that when it hits 200,000 we're getting a (new to us) one. Just before our trip, we found out the AC was on the fritz and would cost a fortune to fix, so we were planning to get a new car as soon as we go back. What makes the whole engine light thing the most hilarious, is that we're wondering if we should just buy a new one here when we're done with the RV, and tow the old one home with us!

Back to Day 2, we kept going and the Jeep drove great and we made it to Chicago around 9pm (CT). Had a beautiful sunset as we arrived (forget to snap a picture, will remember next time, I promise), and settled into our hotel for the evening. The first real meal of our honeymoon was room service and we dimmed the lights to make the room feel romantic. And then we promptly passed out.

Stats from Day 2:

  • States travelled through: 5
  • Day 2 miles: 732
  • Total trip miles: 1038
  • New animals seen: horses, goats, sheep and TONS of red-winged blackbirds.