Day 3 was RV pick up day! We spent the morning being lazy and doing a few errands (someone forget to pack a belt; yep, that was me) and headed over to Cruise America for our RV. Pick up process was pretty uneventful, except for the woman dropping hers off that threw a fit because they charged her a $40 cleaning fee since she didn't clean!

Here's our home for the next two weeks - doesn't John look like a natural?


Not yet unpacked:


Our original plan was to head to Green Bay, drive around, then find an RV park.

But, it took a while to get the RV packed and on the road, and the RV is a bit squirrelly and doesn't like going much over 65 miles an hour, so we decided to pick a place on Lake Michigan a bit closer to Milwaukee and we ended up in Two Rivers, WI.
A beautiful spot right on the lake... took the dog for a walk and enjoyed some local art along the way:


image_2.jpg We had a lovely dinner and listened to baseball on the radio.... a great first day in the RV! Tomorrow to Milwaukee for a Brewers game!

Stats from Day 3:

  • States traveled through: 2
  • Day 3 miles: 166
  • Total trip miles: 1204