Let’s start with the obvious – Wisconsin to Montana is FAR. We got on the road pretty early because Montana was three states away. Now, being from New England, that didn’t seem so bad in my head. But wow. The mid-west is BIG. We drove straight across Minnesota on I-94 through St. Paul and Minneapolis, then into dairy country (there are a lot of cows in the mid-west). Then into North Dakota, where we saw more cows, and a lot of fracking/oil drilling. In the western part of North Dakota we were pleasantly surprised to pass through the beautiful Little Missouri National Grasslands near Theodore Roosevelt National Park.


I understand why this is a little known attraction in these parts, as the other national monuments and parks make this one look tiny, but after 10+ hours in the car, it was so wonderful to see a change in scenery – canyons, badlands, painted rocks, winding roads. It was a much needed change from the endless prairie! Day 5 also marked the first time I drove the RV! The pictures below are the before (about 5 minutes into driving) and the after (about an hour into driving). I’m much more comfortable behind the wheel now, so refrain from the jokes Al and Justin (my irreplaceable brothers).


It was a joy to reach Montana after a very long day on the road. We camped at serene Makoshika State Park in Glendive, MT.


We took a quick walk in the morning then on the road again – destination Glacier National Park!

Stats from Day 5:

  • States traveled through: 4
  • Day 5 miles: 690
  • Total trip miles: 2251