Montana is also a very big state! Unlike North Dakota, which was a lot of the same, Montana’s interior offered a lot of variety. Prairies, to rolling hills, to mountains. And so much sky. The eastern Montana prairie is so vast that it is a bit intimidating and it's hard not to think about the pioneers (like Lewis and Clark - we traveled along their trail for a lot of our trip) who came out here and what they must have thought about when the prairie would end and what would they see. It took us a third of the state of Montana until we got into Fergus County to actually see the Rocky Mountains. And then, as we turned northwest, we were back into the prairie until we made it to Cut Bank and the Blackfeet Indian Reservation when the mountains re-appeared.

The most notable thing about our drive today was seeing a new animal. We both spotted what looked like a deer, and we both immediately realized it wasn’t a deer. It was a lighter brown color and moved with more agility than a deer. So, what was it? A gazelle came to mind, but seeing as we were in Montana and not the Serengeti, we we’re pretty sure it wasn’t a gazelle. Then we remembered the song Home on the Range “where the deer and the antelope play!” and we got excited as we saw several more throughout the drive. When we got to our next camp, a little googling revealed that what we actually saw were pronghorns! Commonly called (erroneously) antelope and often assumed to be relatives of gazelles and antelopes, a pronghorn's closest relative is actually the giraffe! Regardless, they are beautiful to watch on the plains (and too fast to photograph!). We arrived at our camp and had a delicious steak on the grill (see John’s content face below):

Stats from Day 6:

  • States traveled through: 1
  • Day 6 miles: 526 (none of which were on an interstate!)
  • Total trip miles: 2777