Today we went to the west side of Glacier National Park. The famous Going-to-the-Sun Road is still closed from the west side (snow still needs to be plowed from the high passes, and they are doing road repairs), so we headed to the Many Glacier region. The Many Glacier region offers the easiest view of an actual glacier. The park used to be home to about 150 glaciers and now there are a couple dozen, most of which you need to go for a good hike to see, and some predictions have all of the glaciers disappearing by about 2030. We saw Salamander Glacier (if you squint, it sorta looks like a salamander), and went for a short hike to Flatcap Lake. Then we wandered around Many Glacier Hotel (not yet open for the season, but will be celebrating its centennial this year) and headed back to our RV park for the weekend, the beautiful Glacier Meadow RV Park (we highly recommend it!).
Many Glacier hotel and the Salamander Glacier:

Spiedies on the grill for dinner!


Stats from Day 8:

  • States traveled through: 1
  • Day 8 miles: 160
  • Total trip miles: 3052