We made it to Yellowstone! First, a shout out to Uncle David and Auntie Chris for their awesome gift - an annual national parks pass! We've been breezing into the parks like regulars with the pass - thank you! We went in the historic (and original) entrance to Yellowstone through Gardiner, MT and headed right to Mammoth Hot Springs.
IMAG1431.jpgA wonderful collection of hot springs and terraced limestone and travertine, mammoth hot springs was also where we saw our first unusual wildlife - lots of elk! They were walking through the parking lot and along the road seemingly not caring about any of us humans or our cars.

While still considered "early season," Yellowstone was pretty packed. Unlike Glacier, which was decidedly serene comparatively, Yellowstone was teeming with people. We next ventured to Tower Falls Area, but seeing as it was still early season, the trail wasn't yet opened. No matter, we enjoyed some chili from the general store and sampled some buffalo jerky - yummy.

Then, off to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. We hiked down into the canyon for a better view of lower falls and we weren't disappointed!

We saw so much wildlife in Yellowstone on our first day. Here's a black bear in a tree:
And bison and a bison calf! IMAG1544.jpg


On the way to camp, we went through a fun hail storm - here's the hail on the side of the road:

Stats from Day 10:

  • States traveled through: 3
  • Day 10 miles: 157
  • Total trip miles: 3676