We dropped off the RV first thing today and we were relieved when the only extra charges were for miles (expected) and filling the propane tank (also expected). We had read and heard about some horror stories of people getting nickled and dimed when they returned their RVs, but our drop-off was a breeze. Shout-out to the Franklin Park Cruise America office - they were great. We were expecting the ride home to be pretty boring, but here are a few things that made it anything but:

  • The Jeep's AC went out on the passenger side the week before our trip. The high temperature on our drive home was 94 degrees.
  • The lack of passenger side AC led to either one of us holding up a notebook or the road atlas to re-direct some of the driver's side cool air to the passenger's side.
  • Poor Roscoe was not enjoying the heat, so he ended up sitting at my feet for a lot of the trip on top of one of John's shirts we soaked in water. He was a trooper.
  • The check engine light that appeared on the drive to Chicago, was gone for the first 3 hours of our trip, then it came back on in Ohio (we will be Jeep shopping this weekend!).
  • The state of NY, on I-90, was easily one of the longest states we drove through - it seemed like it went on forever!
  • While today's drive was the longest of the trip, it was made to seem even longer because we were overly excited to get home and sleep in our own bed.

Stats from Day 18:

  • States traveled through: 6
  • Day 18 miles: 1009
  • Total trip miles: 6306